This highly powerful offensive deck will give your opponent a run for their money in Clash Royale. You have to start with an initial strong attack and then support your strong offense. The deck consists of Golem, Night Witch, Log, Princess, Mega Minion, Goblin Gang, Tornado, and Poison, all of these cards can be unlocked by using clash royale cheats 2018.


The Golem will be your main tank for this deck. The Golem costs 8 Elixir, but it has a huge HP and does heavy damage on the towers. Once the Golem is taken out it will split into two Golemites. With a nice support you’ll take down the tower easily.

Night Witch

She provides excellent support and defense. She’ll be the card your Golem relies on for support to take our enemies that may attack the Golem and then eventually she joins the Golem and provides additional damage to take down the tower as well. When she dies she spawns bats that will attack the tower as the Golem distracts it or provide additional support.


You will use this spell to get rid of hordes and this will even deal damage to certain guards with high health. This spell will push back cards like the prince and then hence break their charge. This card will kill small enemies and slow down the other ones. This spell is perhaps the best card for splash damage in Clash Royale.


This card will give you a solid air defense and also vanquish all hordes without ease. All in all, she will provide you with a good defense.

Mega Minion

This cards can be used as another air defense card and then it can move on to support your Golem and Night Witch.

Goblin Gang

This card will be great to distract and defend. The Goblin Gang can kill the Knight and also deal with tanks like the Giant.


This card can pull back all your opponent’s cards to one place and you can support your Golem and Night Witch. For defense, you can simply use this card to pull back the enemies from your tower.


You need to nail the timing and once Tornado gathers enough enemies you need to use it there to weaken your enemies.

Attack and Facilitate

Once you have launched the Golem and Night Witch you have to keep facilitating it. The Goal is to to keep the attack going for as long as possible. You can only get better at Clash Royale by practicing.

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