Clash of clans is considered as the latest gaming sensation for all the gamers who are fond of exciting and interesting games, though lengthier and uneven gameplay. Right from combating to defense, Clash of Clan is designed in such a way to get your thinking abilities tested along with your planning skills and the urge to win over. This game is somewhat different from other games as it does not share tricks by scamming the game and making it an easy win for the gamers. Instead, there are a number of techniques and tips, assisting you to master the game slowly devoid of any foul play. One can include such tips which are easy and thus can be included in one’s regular gaming routine.

 One cannot master the game through tricks as there is less number of effective Clash of Clans hack apk, but the tips and game strategies will definitely be of help to provide a smoother gaming experience.
Defence strategies
When a player creates something new within the game, it gets highlighted. In such a case, one must remember to get all these highlights joined together, thereby leaving not a single hole. This will further get your defense action strengthened by making it hard for the opponent to break right through.

For this, one must adopt a little urban planning. While getting your villages built in the game, the fundamentals of urban planning are to be used so as to get a tightly spaced village constructed. These villages are simpler to provide protection than those which are scattered all over a huge area.

Then more weapons are to be added in order to stand up for defense. As the game develops, the player must ensure to add a variety of weapons, thereby upgrading the weapon collection. Besides, getting your defense strengthened, these weapons have unique abilities and are very handy while attacking the enemies from other villages.

Attacking strategies
Attacking strategies usually depend on the player’s goal in this game. One must be sure whether they plan to get elixir or gold collected. Based on this, the attacking strategy will be formed and will change accordingly if the preference changes between the gold and elixir. Nevertheless, the essential point to keep in mind is to get this elixir or gold collection upgraded to the maximum. This will help in getting the winning chances improved in the game. Another easy trick that one can make use of is to keep raiding the villages that are continuously gathering elixir or gold. Every time a player achieves a victory in the battles his collection of elixir or gold will keep increasing along with other resources in the game.
The game of Clash and Clans is an important creation in the gaming world of medieval times. It is considered as an interesting game which can keep the players engaged for a really long time, thereby providing his excitement and pleasure in each and every stage of the game. In addition to this, once a player masters the techniques and effective tips of playing this game better, the enjoyment quotient will automatically get multiplied, leaving them with the great gaming experience.

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