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Play Hay Day and own a farm

Hay Day has been a much popular game that had been appreciated by the gamers all over the world. This is because the game of Hay Day has been conceptualized upon the simple act of farming. This means that by playing Hay Day one can gather the ageold experience of working on a farm. Moreover, the background on which the game has been based is that the player owns a farm and had to carry out the required practices in order to develop his farm. The game of Hay Day provides the player to experience the simple joys of life.

The tips and tricks of the game

Though Hay Day apparently is a simple game and can be played by all, there are certain tips and tricks that have to be followed by the player in order to level up and gain the required experience points. These Hay Day cheats can be listed down as follows:

If the player is in the requirement of diamonds on an immediate basis then he or she can opt to synchronize the game along with Facebook. This will help the player to earn the required amount of diamonds once he levels up in the game. Players also will be able to get diamonds when he logs into the game or watches a movie or a game trailer.

The player should start the process of mining once he reaches level 24 of the game. Once the mine has been opened, the player might opt to carry out a blast using the TNT. This will result in the acquiring of diamonds in most of the explosions.

The purple tickets that are available in the newspapers, which have been delivered to the farm, should be clicked upon in order to collect the diamonds.

The players who are able to collect all the 78 achievements of the game will certainly be rewarded with hay day diamonds for free.

When the player reaches level 27 of the game, he should obtain the chance of acquiring the optimum number of diamonds. Moreover, the boat that needs repair should be fixed. Then with this boat should go out fishing. This is because the player will have received one to three diamonds depending on the size of the dish that has been caught. A bronze dish is rewarded with one diamond, a silver dish with two diamonds and gold dish with three diamonds.

Farmers will need a little amount of gold for carrying out certain activities. The required amount of gold can be collected by the player visiting the Road Shop and then buying a new slot along with the selling of five pieces of wood. When a farmer buys the wood he will be able to receive 500,000 gold.

The player might also go through the newspaper in order to find out whether any of the items are being sold in bulk or in bunches. This player should buy this and then sell the items later at a sufficient amount of profit.

Once the gamer reaches level 15 of the game, apples can be picked from the trees that are present in the farm which will present the player with seven experience points.

Connect with nature in the game

The game Hay Day has been ranked number one among 122 countries. Moreover, the level of graphics that have been used in the game and the extent to which the game has been defined has resulted in such huge popularity of the game. Hay Day allows the gamer to grow his own farm, manage his properties and raise the livestock. So, play Hay Day and obtain the simple joys of farming.

Blackberry Vs. Droid

For years, Blackberry has been at the helm of the smart phone industry. Blackberry was highly visible. Everywhere you looked, if there was anybody using a smart phone it was very likely that it was made by Blackberry. When its phones were first introduced, many skeptics did not believe that smart phones would never become such a phenomenon. Now smart phone usage has increased tremendously both domestically and internationally.
At one time, the smart phone industry was solely dominated by Blackberry but now a newcomer has hit the scene to challenge its ranks. Motorola’s response to the challenge of the Blackberry was the Droid smart phone. The Droid, which is still in its introduction stage of the product life cycle, is giving Blackberry a run for its money. There was a huge marketing campaign to promote the Droid. It has created such a buzz in the smart phone industry that it even has Blackberry loyalists scratching their heads. It is not uncommon for people to flock to new products. Although I am very impressed with both the features and applications on the Droid, yet I have no intentions on leaving my Blackberry comfort zone.

Research in Motion (RIM), the 26 year old Canadian company designs and manufacturers the Blackberry brand smart phone has lots of expendable capital. It has been profitable for a while now. I do not believe that the Droid will hurt its ability to effectively compete against its phones. Now the Droid has gained many supporters since its introduction. Many of these new supporters are first time smart phone users. It is imperative that more funds be allocated toward research and development toward of Blackberry phones. Right now, the Droid has a slight edge on Blackberry because of its ability to serve as a wireless hot spot for laptops. Unfortunately, Blackberry’s are not currently capable of performing this task.

One thing that makes me skeptical about the longevity of the Droid is that it is nowhere near the maturity stage on the product life cycle. Motorola has recently launched several new models of the Droid phone with hopes of tapping into the smart phone market that was once dominated by Blackberry. By it still being new in the introduction stage, it may be subject to many growing pains. In order for Blackberry to continue to effectively compete with the Droid it is going to have to make some serious upgrades in its next generations of phones.

An overview of the layout and Daniel City

SimCity Buildit is a very popular game which you can play on both Android and IOS devices. Here in this game, you will play the mayor of the city where you have to build your city and add buildings and keep upgrading them to get SimCity buildit free simcash. You will also have to do trading and selling for earning SimCity buildit free simcash.

A guide to the layout and Daniel City

Layout: Layout of the city is very important for playing efficiently. A very good layout with help you to make your City look good as well as help you in saving some money. It will help you to maximize the effect which is provided by the services. When you start to play this game, you will have to decide the layout properly. So plan it properly so that you can insert more buildings into your city with proper infrastructures. If you can use the parallel lines, then you can easily expand the spaces of the residential areas in the early stages. You can also put two residential places in a single slot. If you want to increase the population, then you can place these residential areas near to the beaches.

Daniel City: In the game of SimCity buildit the Daniel city is very important. This Daniel city has the great HQ who will sell you different products at a very affordable price. His stocks keep upgrading and each day you can find at least seven types of new items. And if you buy an expansion item then it will take high prices like the storage expansion or the beach expansion and the City expansion. You can also visit different cities, or you can click the bubbles that will help you to get some presents. These bubbles will be near or above the buildings allotted for residence. If you are thinking of getting free simoleons, then visit this Daniel city or hack simcity buildit and take some rare items.


Daniel city and city layout are very important in this game. It helps you to score some extra SimCity buildit free simcash. If you can provide a very good City layout, then people will ask for more services and when you will provide that they will give you taxes. For these services, they will provide you 20% taxes. You can also get some more cash when you sell your goods and after every up gradation and leveling up you will get some extra points.