SimCity Buildit is a very popular game which you can play on both Android and IOS devices. Here in this game, you will play the mayor of the city where you have to build your city and add buildings and keep upgrading them to get SimCity buildit free simcash. You will also have to do trading and selling for earning SimCity buildit free simcash.

A guide to the layout and Daniel City

Layout: Layout of the city is very important for playing efficiently. A very good layout with help you to make your City look good as well as help you in saving some money. It will help you to maximize the effect which is provided by the services. When you start to play this game, you will have to decide the layout properly. So plan it properly so that you can insert more buildings into your city with proper infrastructures. If you can use the parallel lines, then you can easily expand the spaces of the residential areas in the early stages. You can also put two residential places in a single slot. If you want to increase the population, then you can place these residential areas near to the beaches.

Daniel City: In the game of SimCity buildit the Daniel city is very important. This Daniel city has the great HQ who will sell you different products at a very affordable price. His stocks keep upgrading and each day you can find at least seven types of new items. And if you buy an expansion item then it will take high prices like the storage expansion or the beach expansion and the City expansion. You can also visit different cities, or you can click the bubbles that will help you to get some presents. These bubbles will be near or above the buildings allotted for residence. If you are thinking of getting free simoleons, then visit this Daniel city or hack simcity buildit and take some rare items.


Daniel city and city layout are very important in this game. It helps you to score some extra SimCity buildit free simcash. If you can provide a very good City layout, then people will ask for more services and when you will provide that they will give you taxes. For these services, they will provide you 20% taxes. You can also get some more cash when you sell your goods and after every up gradation and leveling up you will get some extra points.

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